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Keep your computer at peak performance.

  • Make your Computer run like new with 1-click.
  • Clean up junk files, repair registry errors and speed up computer.
  • Prevent your computer freeze and crash.
  • Protect your personal privacy & internet security.
  • Free check your computer performance, stability and security status.
  • Powerful scanning software looks deep into your computer, finding junk files and Internet clutter.

Speed up computer


Optimo Pro is effective and reliable software which has all the tools which can speed up the speed of your PC 10 times. It enhances the speed as well as the quality of your PC by fixing computer issues which are responsible for the poor performance of your system. Computer performance is one of the major things which has a significant role in improving computer consistent performance and thus making it accessible fast. Thus Optimo Pro is used to make your computer fast and healthy.


Optimo Pro is a maintenance and optimization tool designed for improving the speed of your computer. This software program will clean up thus speed up and fix your slow computer systems to make it run as fast and stable as new. Thus helps in saving the computers from deteriorating stage of poor performance. Some of the workings of this software to enhance the speed of your PC are :

  • Cleans up the junk files
  • Cleans up the windows registry
  • Frees up disk space by removing unused files and items.
  • Defragments hard drives
  • Recovers accidentally deleted files
  • Speeds up internet connections



One of the major causes of PC slowdowns is programs automatically starting every time you turn on your computer. Whether using word processing, spreadsheets, games, internet or anything else, your drives in PC will always filled with temporary files that do not always get removed when no longer needed. Along with certain programs which should be start on their own while the systems starts (such as some antivirus software), many programs also runs which unnecessarily slowing down the performance of your PC. These programs are those that you are not using at present, some software you are unaware of that they are installed in your computer along with some dangerous files and viruses running every time you starting your computer thus degrading the quality and performance of your PC.



Optimo Pro will help in scan your PC and searches for files and programs that are slowing down the performance of your system before it uses number of effective tools it possess for optimizing your computer. It will make your system settings, network settings, hard disks, hard disks and memory optimized and thus helps in improving the overall performance of your system. Thus making your PC fast, easy to use and run faster by removing number of programs loaded and every time running when your system runs.


There are certain steps which you could use to speed up your computer and thus improving the processing speed of your PC. Some of them are mentioned below :

  • Stop all unused applications and cleaned your desktop.
  • Turn off unneeded desktop features which are present to make things look better.
  • Scan your Windows Systems for errors.
  • Scan for viruses, spyware and adware.
  • Periodically update your running antivirus in the system.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin for the unwanted files.
  • Uninstall unused programs from your system.
  • Run Error Checking on all hard drives.
  • Adjust Visual Effects for better performance.
  • Run De-fragment on all hard drives.
  • Reinstall the operating systems and programs.

Customer Reviews

Otimum Pro reviews

“After i found Optimo Pro, i found a new meaning of instant satisfaction. All that i do is click my mouse to permit them to fix the problem, and they do it.“

-------David Nelson

Otimum Pro reviews

“Optimo Pro is like having a PC tech living in your computer 24/7. It's awesome!”

------Michael Breeze

This easy-to-use software will find issues with your computer performance in minutes. Get your free diagnosis today!