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Keep your computer at peak performance.

  • Make your Computer run like new with 1-click.
  • Clean up junk files, repair registry errors and speed up computer.
  • Prevent your computer freeze and crash.
  • Protect your personal privacy & internet security.
  • Free check your computer performance, stability and security status.
  • Powerful scanning software looks deep into your computer, finding junk files and Internet clutter.


Optimo Pro is like a live, instant and effective technology available in market for the performance related issue of your PC. As it claims to be your ultimate PC cleaner, optimizer and troubleshooter, this software is available to optimize your PC performance and health. Optimo Pro Registry Optimizer is used to remove useless and unnecessary registry entries to tune up registry to make your PC fast processing. It allows user to compare and contrast two sets of registry files to rectify the situation causing problems and delays in your PC.



A window registry is an enormous database that stores information regarding every history and updates of the configuration of your PC, stores all the settings and keep records of all software, hardware and user profile. These registry entries are updated on every single change in your PC, whether it is regarding installation or un installation of any software and any other unused files and folders. All these are responsible for engaging the memory of hard drives with time thus should be periodically optimized.



Optimo Pro Registry Optimizer is used to find errors and issues related to your registry entries, shortcuts, drivers, software and configuration files. It deals with cleaning and fixing of registry errors which includes obsolete history lists, invalid file paths and extensions, invalid user and system software settings, invalid browser helper objects and custom control settings, invalid software locations and empty registry keys. Thus it reduces the chances of data corruption due to conflicting registry entries.
The symptoms which conveys that your PC is undergoing with registry related issues signifies when PC started taking time during start up, freezes frequently or crashes without any reason, its performance started degrading day by day, your windows started encountered problems slowly. These incidents when become frequent with your PC, this is the time when you need to treat your computer with Optimo Pro Registry Optimizer to make your computer clean and protected with registry entries.



Optimo Pro is an easily accessible tool which helps in maintaining for a clean, efficient registry and a faster PC. It helps in preventing system crashes and optimizing your windows registry for the better performance of your PC. It is thus used in cleaning, maintaining, repairing and organizing your PC’s registry.



Optimo Pro provides various benefits to the customers who want to treat their PC with Registry Optimizer to restore the speed and performance of their PC. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • It is fast and advanced scanning software that can scan the entire registry of your PC in seconds.
  • It minimizes issues while installing new software applications.
  • It reduces the chances of data corruption due to conflicting registry entries.
  • It is used to remove the deleted registry entries, gaps and fragmentation.
  • It is easy to use and easily interactive software to deal with registry entries.

Customer Reviews

Otimum Pro reviews

“After i found Optimo Pro, i found a new meaning of instant satisfaction. All that i do is click my mouse to permit them to fix the problem, and they do it.“

-------David Nelson

Otimum Pro reviews

“Optimo Pro is like having a PC tech living in your computer 24/7. It's awesome!”

------Michael Breeze

This easy-to-use software will find issues with your computer performance in minutes. Get your free diagnosis today!