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Keep your computer at peak performance.

  • Make your Computer run like new with 1-click.
  • Clean up junk files, repair registry errors and speed up computer.
  • Prevent your computer freeze and crash.
  • Protect your personal privacy & internet security.
  • Free check your computer performance, stability and security status.
  • Powerful scanning software looks deep into your computer, finding junk files and Internet clutter.

PC Optimization Software


Optimo Pro is easy to use, interactive and beneficial software which claims to be your ultimate PC cleaner, optimizer and troubleshooter. This software is always ready to provide you a group of technicians on demand who have sound knowledge of their field and are always ready to deliver. This software helps in reviewing your computer performance, stability and computer performance.

The degrading performance and consistent slowing down of your computer is a common problem experienced by everyone in their life. This problem is encountered with time in your system due to less availability of disk space in your hard drive due to constant accumulation of junk files and system clutter. Thus your computer hard drive can cluttered with useless files and uninstalled software which are of no use at present with time, deteriorating the performance of your PC slowly with time.



The good optimization PC software is that optimization utility software that has all the necessary tools and technical experts that are readily available to maximize your computer performance by dealing with your computer related issues such as poor PC performance, system crashes frequently, system booting problems, system software and hardware problems thus increasing the productivity of your PC. Thus it helps in increasing the health of your PC by making it fast and healthy. Like any other home appliance and vehicle, which require a periodic tune ups for better efficiency, Optimo Pro is also a tuning up software which tunes the performance of your system effectively.



Optimo Pro optimization software is a tune up software that helps in keeping the performance of your computer at peak. This is easy to use, fast accessible and reliable PC optimization software that provides many benefits to its customers. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • Helps in optimizing memory by defragging hard drives.
  • Helps in speeding up your PC boot-time.
  • Helps in maintaining the security check on the speed and stability of your system.
  • Helps in reducing system crashes and error messages.
  • Helps in protecting your PC by removing malware, adware,spyware and privacy files.
  • Helps users through the process of backing up important files and folders.
  • Helps in frees up storage by finding and deleting any duplicate file on the PC.

Optimo Pro tune up software by optimizing your PC provides you an occasional tune up to your PC on demand which helps to perform better when your PC started letting down with time. It is a fast and easy to use software comprises of following application:

  • Files Cleaner
  • Registry cleaner
  • Browsing Cleaner
  • Application Errors Cleaner

Some of the features which Optimo Pro optimization software provides to the customers are:

  • One Click Maintenance
  • Privacy Protector
  • PC optimizer
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Registry Optimizer
  • Junk Files Cleaner
  • Shortcut Cleaner
  • Trace Cleaner
  • PC Stability Status Analyze

Customer Reviews

Otimum Pro reviews

“After i found Optimo Pro, i found a new meaning of instant satisfaction. All that i do is click my mouse to permit them to fix the problem, and they do it.“

-------David Nelson

Otimum Pro reviews

“Optimo Pro is like having a PC tech living in your computer 24/7. It's awesome!”

------Michael Breeze

This easy-to-use software will find issues with your computer performance in minutes. Get your free diagnosis today!